We have been very busy these first few days.  We have two big projects we have been trying to complete in time for Open House.  The first is the Dream School Project.  The kids have been brainstorming ideas and getting very creative– underwater classrooms, anyone?  Each child chose one idea to expand on and wrote up a proposal explaining what, why the idea would be great to have in a school and how it will look.  Then, the idea has become a drawing.  The final stage is presenting all of this through an iMovie.  Each group will create the movie, add audio, and include an interview with an adult in the building. Phew!


Our second project is called Best Part of Me.  It is a visual art/writing project.  Using a book of the same name, we have decided on one part of ourselves to be deemed the best.  The writing required the kids to think about all the ways that this part of them makes life easier, funnier, lovelier.  The kids chose how they wanted the photo taken and added decorative borders to their writing.  This is one of my favorite projects because the photos are so sweet and the writing is thoughtful. I have been so impressed with their writing stamina. They worked for over an hour and asked for my time.  It’s is going to be fun to see where they go this year!


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