Happy First Day!

There is nothing like seeing your old students on the first day of school. Even better is when those old students are your new students. I missed these kids and today was a fabulous start to what is going to be a great year. 

We have already started a couple of projects!  Last year, we did some “challenges” at the beginning of the year. These challenges combine science, technology, engineering, and math- STEM. We are doing a series of STEM challenges connected to Fairy Tales. Today’s challenge had the kids designing a raft for the Billy Goats Gruff to take down the river instead of dealing with the troll at the bridge. They had to use straws and pipe cleaners to build a raft that could hold 10g (or a goat figure we named Goaty Oak) for 10 seconds. If it failed, they made modifications and tried again. Project number two: Dream School. May Street is a wonderful old building. I have many childhood memories in it. Yet, it is time for change and who better to ask what the new school should look like. We are brainstorming and being creative. Some ideas lead to good conversations of what is realistic and what is fantastical. Either way, some great ideas!  We will be creating a little iMovie to share all of our ideas at Open House. 


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